Backup Storage

Network Storage & Backup Services

Self-Managed Network Storage:

We provide you with an account on one of our network storage servers and you do the rest to configure your backup service. Backup service accounts provide you with the fixed amount of network storage that you choose and allow you to update and overwrite the data as much as you like. Available protocols for transfer are FTP, SCP, and RSYNC over SSH. Network storage to be used as Backup Services can be purchased as an add-on with a new server or co-location service. To add backup services to an existing or new account, please contact

iSCSI SAN Storage:

For the customer who needs a little more. If your network storage needs exceed what most providers offer, we can help. 3z Canada can provide you with your own private iSCSI Target in Multi Terabyte capacities. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager support also available upon request. For more information regarding this service, please contact

Fully Managed Backups:

Let us do the hard work for you, just provide us with login information to your server and we will keep your data safe as part of your managed backup service. Our automatic backup manager will log into your server daily to keep your backups fresh. Backup services can be purchased as part of a management plan, for more information contact

The facts about your data:
  • The majority of websites and servers do not have routine backup services and are left to a provider to perform this service for them.
  • Typically, backup services are performed to a secondary hard drive located on the same server as your website, leaving it open to failure, hacking or other circumstances which can leave you without recovery abilities.
  • As a shared, reseller or dedicated server customer, you do not always have the ability to manage, monitor, and restore your data from a backup service.
  • The majority of hosts do not guarantee data restoration through backup services.
  • Modern hard drives are certain to fail on a long enough timeline; there is no question of if it will fail only a question of when. Backup services protect you from the inevitable.
  • Data restoration of a hard drive can take up to two weeks with an average cost of $2500 with little or no guarantees. Your business and your customers cannot wait that long, and neither can you.
  • New vulnerabilities and security exploits are discovered every day. An unsecured server can be hacked in minutes and complete data loss or a hard drive re-install are typical results.
  • Most websites are not routinely backed up by webmasters or the data is often modified on a live production environment. Recreation of entire websites is almost impossible or takes weeks to redesign.
  • If your host suddenly goes out of business, is suspended for non-payment, or terminated for abuse policies, you probably will not be able to regain control of your data as you are not the rightful owner of the server.