Dedicated Firewall

Defend your server with a Cisco Security Appliances firewall managed by 3z Canada's in-house network security experts. Designed to address the security requirements for businesses of all sizes, these dedicated firewall solutions will protect your server against online exploitation. Our firewalls perform industry-standard Stateful Packet Inspection. This means the firewall stores the information for every connection from start to finish. Using this information, it is able to determine the validity of the packets involved in that session. The International Computer Security Association has certified that the standards for securing IP communications via encryption and/or authentication have been met.

What does a firewall do?
  • Blocks access to certain ports, making them unavailable to hackers scanning the network for a vulnerable service running on those ports.
  • Filters both inbound and outbound traffic. This allows you to limit communication to and from particular location(s).
  • Examines all traffic routed between two networks to see if it meets certain criteria. If it does, the traffic is routed through.
  • Can help mitigate or lessen the effect of a DOS attack.
  • Can help manage public access to private networked resources such as host applications, databases, shares, etc.
  • Can be used to log all hostile or suspicious attempts to enter the network. Address filtering - filters packets based on their source and destination IP addresses and port numbers.
  • Protocol filtering - filters specific types of network traffic based on the protocol used, for example HTTP, FTP or DNS.
  • Can filter traffic by packet attribute or state.

You should consider a firewall if:
  • you are running e-commerce applications.
  • you are hosting sensitive data on the server.
  • your server has been previously compromised.
  • you need to limit access to data or applications on the server.
  • you would like to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Other features for Cisco Security Appliance include:
Maximum Sessions
Available Upon Request Please call for details. 1.416.607.6138
Maximum Sessions / Second
Firewall Performance
100 Mbps
150 Mbps
300 Mbps
Packets per second (64 byte)

VPN Session

# of IPs Supported 
up to 14 IPs
up to 10 IPs
up to 50 IPs

Setup fee


Monthly fee

Call 1-833-399-9901

Please Note: Product features/add-ons apply to new purchases; current customers, please contact your Sales Consultant about availability.