Fiber Internet

Fiber Optic Service

  • 10MB/Sec - 100MB/Sec ultra-fast Fiber Optic based Enterprise level Internet Access.
  • Bandwidth can be upgraded instantly through 3z Canada's Network Operation Centre (NOC)
  • 100% uptime guarantee and SLA supported.

Supports large enterprise organizations with high numbers of Internet users or mission-critical applications or bandwidth intensive applications such as CRM, ERP, VPN, Intranet Servers, Video, VoIP, Mail, File Transfer or WAN/SAN (Wide-Area-Network/Storage-Area-Network).

If your organization depends on high-speed, high-capacity and absolutely dependable data transfers, you're probably already planning to move to Fiber Optic technology. Our Fiber Optic Service allows you to make that technology move today!

Our Fiber Optic Service allows you to overcome the limitations of other currently available technologies. You no longer have to make frustrating and unproductive compromises between cost, reliability and bandwidth.

Fiber Optic technology is a proven data transport technology that has become the overwhelming industry favourite everywhere it is available. Optic technology is easy to run, and supports the infrastructure and protocols you're using today, at unparalleled levels of price and performance, with virtually unlimited scalability.

You can add Fiber Optic Service to your existing infrastructure as a Secondary or Redundant Carrier Service without making any changes to your network or current access services. This allows you to cost effectively increase your bandwidth and add redundancy without compromising your existing service levels in any way.